Dr. Axel Reetz
Politikwissenschaftler, Riga
Short biography

The breakdown of the Soviet Union and the political changes in Eastern Europe happened during my studies at university and became the topic of my essays focussing on the case of Eastern Germany and the problem of the reform of the broadcasting system according to the requests of the German Basic Law. Finally I wrote also my diploma on this topic. During a stage for scientific research in Riga, which was foreseen in the beginning just to relax from studying, I got interested in the post-socialist countries and especially the Baltics. After that I published several articles and wrote finally my PhD thesis about the development of the party systems in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The list of publications shall make it easier to find texts, which are online in the internet as well as download those, which probably are not available in every library.

Translations of the headlines of the articles are missing because all articles are written in the language of their headline. But additional information is given in those cases, where articles are published in different languages.

Names in brackets give information about co-authors.

The list includes beside articles of journalist and scientific origin researches written for special clients, which were never published.

Many texts are published as well in my blog axelreetz.blogspot.com and sometimes rewritten. Moreover there are also texts still not officially published.

List of publications